How to get the best impression from your stamp

when I started selling stamps I was very nieve to the craft of actually stamping. After lots of frustration and practice, I’m confident I have enough experience to share my best practices when using your rubber stamp.

Ink pads

Not all ink pads are alike in terms of quality.  I recommend two specific brands; Ranger Archival and StazOn are my favorite. Both have nice pigmented color. The second thing I look for is the sponge pad that your press the stamp into. This part is very important. A soft pad will be too “spongy” causing your rubber to get too much ink and bleed causing an unsightly border when you go to stamp your item. It’s not necessary to press too hard on the ink pad. Just slight pressure is enough to load the stamp with ink. 

Stamping your project

Now that you have a good ink pad, it’s time to start stamping! Always stamp on a hard and flat surface. If you are stamping a bunch of items such as tags or thank you cards, you want make sure you are taking one at a time from the stack, placing it on the hard surface and stamping them one by one. If you stamp on a stack of paper your stamp impression will have bleed or that unsightly border we talked about above. 

Cleaning your stamp

Their is no need to buy expensive stamp cleaners. A bottle of rubbing alcohol does the trick! Take soft cloth dipped into the alcohol and rub your stamp until the ink is removed. Do not submerge your stamp in water. This will cause the adhesive to come loose and your stamp will fall apart. Wipe the stamp dry and your done! 

I hope this helps your project be successful. As always we are here to help if you have any questions about your stamp. 




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